Sex and Sweden

With the rise of second-wave feminism, new ideas about women’s sexuality started to challenge the more male-centric notion of “the Swedish Sin”. How does visual artists in Sweden exploring sex and sexuality in their work approach this heritage? And what are the positives and negatives of working in such an environment?

Sex and Sweden is a panel discussion hosted by the Members club Alma with Baron and Baroness Magazines, inviting a range of panel guests who, one way or another, have explored sex and Sweden through the visual arts, including artists Arvida Byström and Anastasios Logothetis flm maker Ninja Thyberg and Matthew Holroyd founder of Baron and Baroness Magazines.

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August 24, 7pm

Sex and Celebrity

Alma, Baron and Baroness Magazines invite you to an evening of ‘Sex and Celebrity’, a discussion.
Sex and Celebrity is a panel discussion hosted by Alma with Baron and Baroness Magazines, inviting a range of panel guests who,one way or another, have explored sex and celebrity through their work, including fashion designer Ann Sofie-Back, editor and reality star Emma Veronica Johansson, Dr Louise Wallenberg associate Professor of Fashion Studies at the Centre for Fashion Studies and Matthew Holroyd founder of Baron and Baroness Magazines

Ann Sofie-Back is a fashion designer known for her conceptual approach to fashion exploring themes such as celebrity and sex and sexuality in the creation of her collections.
Dr Louise Wallenberg holds a PhD in Cinema Studies (2002). Her previous research has focused on representations of gender, ethnicity and sexuality, with a special emphasis on different kinds of queer cinema.
Emma Veronica Johansson is an author and editor based in Stockholm. Johannson debut book Sista Skriket (Last Cry) in collaboration with Philip Warkander launched earlier this year and explored themes such as fashion, death and eroticism.
Matthew Holroyd is an established creative director and co-founder of Baron and Baroness Magazine and satirical fashion zine Vague Paper.

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August 29, 9am

Growth Marketing

Grow your business faster, and with minimal risk, by buildning a growth engine which attracts prospects and convert the them to paying customers.

Mathias Westphal, former VP for Absolut will describe the fundamentals of Growth Marketing and share cases from Absolut and startups.

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September 13, 9am

Joe Macleod on Ends

As consumers and providers we overlook the importance of healthy, coherent endings. There was once a rich culture of reflection and responsibility, but over recent centuries this has been lost. Producing a mixture of long term societal oversight, and short term denial. 

Now, in a world awash with start-ups and new tech, I want to tell you why its critical we start considering endings. 

Joe Macleod, author of the Ends, shares with us a history of our changing relationship with endings. He makes a compelling case that demonstrates how, over centuries, our changing relationship with death, spread of the Protestant religion, and a tethering of our identities to our consumption has distanced our relationship with endings. Members can RSVP in the Alma app

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