February 28, 17:00

Loppis at Alma

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Join us on Friday the 28th February when we will host our very first Alma Loppis. During the evening our bar will be open and a DJ will be playing from 17.00.

Items that will be sold from various participants: Clothes, jewellery, art, vinyls and much more.

Open to the Public

March 3, 9:00


Welcome to enjoy a breakfast in the company of fellow members. A perfect opportunity to network! Starts 9am in Boardroom.

For this breakfast our new Alma members Josefin Landgård (founder of healthcare app Kry) and Stina Lönnkvist (brand strategist and yoga teacher) will do a short presentation about themselves and their company MANTLE a newly launched premium CBD brand.

Their mission is to provide simple and effective health hacks for the modern urban consumer. They can teach you everything you need to know about CBD (short for cannabidiol, an active extract from the hemp plant) and its various uses for more balance in everyday life. Read more at www.hellomantle.com.


Members Only

March 4, 17:00

Painting workshop with Marta Leyva


On March the 4th we give you the chance to experience an art workshop with Marta Leyva. Disconnect from work, change the computer for brushes and join the 2 hour painting session.

“Spanish-born, Stockholm-based artist Marta Leyva likes to mix colours and memories to her vibrante and colourful work. Having collaborated with brands like Vogue & Thomas Sabo she likes to explore different ways to create. Martha’s work was most frequently exhibited in Stockholm, Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza. In 2019 she was selected for Affordable Art Fair’s, Hidden Talents. “

Members Only

March 5, 16:00

Creative Roundtable Discussions

Want to connect and hang out with other creatives?

Welcome to a super casual roundtable discussions gathering for creative people of all types and levels. The aim of this event is to meet for a casual, fun, and friendly fika where Alma members (+guests) connect and discuss about a predetermined topic. The topic of this event is:

Can you enjoy art that you don’t agree with? Should we separate art from the artist?

The roundtable discussion will be in English and is held in the Board Room at 16:00 on the 5th of March. It is moderated by fellow member Misagh Alami, who works with film and has experience hosting for Creative People of Stockholm.

Coffee and pastry are included for participants. We aim for a simple sense of community to begin with, and if people are inspired, perhaps some collaboration can happen!

Members Only

March 12, 18:00


Join the biggest event in Stockholm for visual artists who love to sketch, whether if you are into traditional art, 3D design, or anything in between. Share tips and learn from people in a casual environment where all levels of artists are welcome!

Please bring your own sketching material – pens, pastel, sketchbook, iPad – whatever suits you. Hot drinks are included.

The sketching event is held in the Lounge at 18:00 on the 12th of March. It is organised by fellow member Misagh Alami, who works with film, and hosted by Malin, Rameez, Pierre, and Dhruv of Creative People of Stockholm.


Members Only

March 21, 19:00

Kerone Campbell for World Poetry Day

Kerone is a spoken word artist from New York City. He was born in Jamaica, raised in NYC, and now call Sweden home. His raw unfiltered emotions are always apparent in his work, and he brings out vulnerability and sensitivity in every word spoken at his performance.

Kerone has performed at all the well known poetry bars and clubs throughout New York since 2003. On Saturday March 21, Kerone Campbell will be taking over Alma Trägårdh  for a spoken word and poetry evening.




Open to the Public

March 25, 12:30

LUNCH & LEARN with Elinor Falkman

At Lunch and Learn, we meet, eat and learn something new from a guest of honour.

The lunch lasts 1 hour between 12.30 – 13.30, in Boardroom.

For this Lunch & Learn Elinor Falkman will teach us about how to prepare for a speech, pitch, presentation. How you catch and hold the audience’s attention and make them accept your suggestion.

Elinor has a master’s degree in HR from Uppsala University with rhetoric and law studies as part of her degree.

Elinor has also worked as a rhetoric teacher at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), a judge in UR’s (the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company) youth program’s Retorikmatchen and last but not least is a rhetoric expert for SVT and TV4.


Members Only

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