February 22, 16:00


Join us for an evening around the bar as Alma’s bar manager, Andres Basile, takes us through cocktails past, present and future.

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February 26, 16:00

Robot Race with Kids Hack Day

Join us for a creative teambuilding exercise with Kids Hack Day where you get to build your own robot and race it in the end.

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March 13, 9:00

Breakfast lecture with Johanna Nilsson

The future requires businesses and trade to change towards more sustainability. But the issue is: how to continue make money while sustainability actually is about less consumption?

An inspiring lecture with Johanna Nilsson, entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in sustainable fashion. Johanna will share good examples from the industry and her own experiences and reflections.

Lecture is held in the Board Room, breakfast included for participants.

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April 11, 16:00

Ikebana vs Freakebana

Join flower designer Mirja Bozarth Fornell (@bozart) for a afternoon of wine and creative flower arrangement.

Ikebana for those unfamiliar, is the Japanese art of arranging flowers. The centuries-old discipline features spare, off-center compositions of local and seasonal foliage, positioned to emphasize form, line, and color. The practice evolved with Buddhist philosophy, rooted in minimalism and precision, with plants chosen carefully for their symbolism.

Freakebana, the turnt cousin of Ikebana and new, ugly-cool style of arranging flowers. Freakebana is the art of arranging whatever-the-hell, in a way that nods at the traditional Japanese art form, but subs out years of study for a naive, new-wave naturalism.

Limited seating.
Participate will be given one Kenzan each to be able to bring your flower arrangements home.

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