November 20, 18:00

Free Screening of ‘The Farewell’ at Alma’s Park

Stockholm Film Festival 2019 is sadly soon over but Alma’s Park adventure has just begun. WIth this, we want to invite you + friends for the preview of ‘The Farewell’, Wednesday 20th November, 18.00 at Alma’s Park.

“After learning that her family’s beloved matriarch, Nai Nai, has been given mere weeks to live, Chinese-born, U.S.-raised Billi returns to Changchun to find that her family has decided to keep the news from Nai Nai. While the family gathers under the joyful guise of an expedited wedding, Billi rediscovers the country she left as a child, and is forever changed by her grandmother’s wondrous spirit, in this richly moving story of how family can unite and strengthen us — often in spite of ourselves.”

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