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Alma mater is an allegorical Latin phrase for a university or college. Translated as “nourishing mother”, it suggests that a school provide intellectual nourishment to its students and the phrase can be traced back to the motto of the University of Bologna, founded in 1088.

Alma is also the name of a members’ club and private workspace with houses in Stockholm and New York. Founded to provide intellectual and social nourishment to our members, Alma was created as a place to work, meet, dine and socialize. Membership also provides access to over thirty reciprocal clubs around the world.

Integrating architecture, product design, music and art, with cultural programming, food and drink, Alma was created by the very people it caters to, all brought together by Alma Founder and Creative Director Fredrik Carlström. The signature design puts human creativity and life-work balance at the center, resulting in comfortable spaces where members feel at home.

Hospitality for Ideas

Recognizing the growing need for new forms of workspace and collaborative environments, Alma was imagined as a space for work and play, and was founded for the sole purpose of nurturing people and their ideas. Designed to meet the working needs of entrepreneurs, teams, and individuals, predominantly in innovative and creative industries.

The original club first opened its doors on Nybrogatan 8 in Stockholm in 2017. The building, which for many years was home to Beckman’s School of Design, is a five-story structure with a mindful balance of work and social spaces, including dedicated work areas, rooms for meetings and collaboration, a state of the art music studio, an outdoor terrace, a bar, and communal and private dining spaces. It is operated by general manager Pierre Astell.

The restaurant, overseen by chefs Gordon Grimlund and Charlie Biasi, serves meals exclusively for members and their guests.

Bar Alma Trägårdh serves seasonally inspired drinks and great classics. The bar is open Monday through Friday and welcomes members and their guests.

Throughout the houses and online, the rich social programming provides members and the creative community with talks, exhibits, entertainment, parties, and opportunity for collaboration and is headed by Petra Stenvall-Thompson.

Sara Kokk oversees Alma’s Park, a center for culture and creativity that commission, produce, and present a wide range of activities in film, performing arts, visual arts, and pop culture. It is also the home to festivals, awards shows, conferences, product launches and other inspirational events, further setting Alma apart as the leading community for creatives, entrepreneurs and artists.

“…a well-designed environment in which to do creative work with like-minded professionals, is beyond measure” – Frame Magazine

The houses have been reimagined together with a group of architects, designers and artists who have created furniture, products and art specifically for Alma.

Architectural firm Tham & Videgård helped refurbish Nybrogatan 8, and proposed elements that provide continuity throughout the space—a colored patterned floor made of ceramic tiles, a system of built-in shelves, and a circular pendant light was designed specifically for Alma and used as a floating ceiling throughout the space. The resulting signature “w171 Alma” is produced by Wästberg and won “Best Lighting” at the 2017 Stockholm Furniture and Lightning Fair.

Kjellgren & Kaminsky oversaw the careful refurbishment of Park, originally designed by Björn Hedvall, one of the preeminent architects of functionalism.

The one-of-a-kind tableware used in the restaurant is now on its second edition where ceramicist Rikard Palmquist designed the first and Samir Dzabirov the second. Shaker-inspired wood details throughout the house were made by carpenter Moa Ott. Hand-made ceramics signs and hangers were commissioned by Sara Söderberg. A mobile light installation was designed by Kasper Friis Kjeldgaard and artist Helena Lund Ek was commissioned to create site-specific paintings, spreading across several floors.

Adding furniture from producers like PP Møbler, De La Espada and Austere with design by the likes of Ilse Crawford, Neri & Hu, Matthew Hilton, and Hans Wegner, Alma is in essence one giant showroom for great design and art. Just months after its opening Alma was awarded “Best Interior Design” by The Association of Swedish Architects.

Many of the designs and furniture you see at Alma are available for purchase. Please visit our shop, or contact shop@thisisalma.com for more details.

A House for Creatives

Being a private community, Alma is made up of entrepreneurs, teams, and individuals working in technology, design, venture investing, architecture, film, fashion, branding, music, art and media. We offer several types of membership: Open, Dedicated, Studios, Private Office,  Out-of-Town and Social.

The Open membership gives you unlimited access to all floors with communal workspace and other social spaces. You also have the ability to book meeting rooms, eat at the restaurant, drink at the members’ bar and attend all programming events and use the many amenities offered in the building.

Dedicated members enjoy all the benefits of Open with the added convenience of a permanent desk and storage space, while Studios are available for teams that prefer to sit together in their own designated space and have the ability to work behind closed doors.

The Private Offices in the front of the building, combine the privacy of a traditional office with all of the services and amenities that Alma offers.

Out-of-Town Memberships are individually customized and available for those not based in Stockholm who need an inspiring place to work, collaborate and socialize while in town.

Social memberships are meant for those who don’t need Alma for work, but want to attend social events and programs, enjoy membership discounts and the ability to eat at the restaurant and drink at the bar.

All memberships include access to all houses and reciprocal clubs around the world. All members have access to the social spaces of Alma, can reserve seating and eat the the restaurant and drink at the bar. Members also enjoy great benefits, discounts and other special deals from partners including hotels, beauty products and furniture and design.

If you would like to become a member, please apply here. Alma is a small and intimate community and the Membership Committee meets regularly to admit new members when space is available. All prospective members are asked to interview and tour Alma before being accepted.

“The Coolest Work Space Is, Of Course, In Stockholm” – Vogue

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