We offer several types of membership: Open, Dedicated, Studios, Private Office,  Out-of-Town and Social.

The Open membership gives you unlimited access to all floors with communal workspace and other social spaces. You also have the ability to book meeting rooms, eat at the restaurant, drink at the members’ bar and attend all programming events and use the many amenities offered in the building.

Dedicated members enjoy all the benefits of Open with the added convenience of a permanent desk and storage space, while Studios are available for teams that prefer to sit together in their own designated space and have the ability to work behind closed doors.

The Private Offices in the front of the building, combine the privacy of a traditional office with all of the services and amenities that Alma offers.

Out-of-Town Memberships are individually customized and available for those not based in Stockholm who need an inspiring place to work, collaborate and socialize while in town.

Social memberships are meant for those who don’t need Alma for work, but want to attend social events and programs, enjoy membership discounts and the ability to eat at the restaurant and drink at the bar.

All memberships include access to all houses and reciprocal clubs around the world. All members have access to the social spaces of Alma, can reserve seating and eat the the restaurant and drink at the bar. Members also enjoy great benefits, discounts and other special deals from partners including hotels, beauty products and furniture and design.

If you would like to become a member, please apply here. All prospective members are asked to interview and tour Alma before being accepted.